A Woman Must Make Up Her Own Mind

You might think it’s strange, but I chose having an arranged marriage in the midst of an era with dating apps like Tinder. And I love my husband. Generally people find it hard to reconcile these two things. When I turned 24, my parents decided that it was time they made ‘arranging a daughter’s marriage’ […]Continue reading “A Woman Must Make Up Her Own Mind”

José Andrés: We Have a Food Crisis Unfolding Out of Sight

In Puerto Rico we used three clear approaches to feed our fellow Americans that can be a guide to heading off an economic and food crisis today: — Support the private sector as quickly as possible when the economy crashes, as it did after Maria: activate kitchens with federal dollars to serve the people. —Continue reading “José Andrés: We Have a Food Crisis Unfolding Out of Sight”

The tale of the Bombay Wada pao — Tasting Tales

Toss, and turn. There is a virus lurking around you. Can you see it? No, you can’t of course. But you can feel it. It’s in your mind, eating into your grey cells. You block your mind to this panic. But as you glide into your sleep, you see it there, in your dreams, waiting […]Continue reading “The tale of the Bombay Wada pao — Tasting Tales”

(Now more than ever) “A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste”​

Obviously it is nothing to downplay – hundreds of thousands infected, thousands of deaths, and an enormous impact to global economy is nothing to scoff at. The social distancing, cancellation of sporting events, bans on group gatherings, and lock-downs are bringing industries like travel and entertainment to their knees. If we thought social media was makingContinue reading “(Now more than ever) “A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste”​”

#Jews are required to gather together to worship. #Coronavirus is pushing my #synagogue to get creative

Judaism understands that community is defined as 10 people — a minyan — the minimum number of people required for certain religious obligations, including worship. Jews are obligated to be in physical proximity to each other for prayer, including the worship leader. So in the age of COVID-19, if you are required not to beContinue reading “#Jews are required to gather together to worship. #Coronavirus is pushing my #synagogue to get creative”

The Unbearable Lightness of Being —

Do you favour lightness or weight in your life? Reading this book will help you find out. The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera rekindled my love of reading for pleasure. I had the pleasure of being leant this book by the intelligent, (slightly off kilter), yet respectable mother of one of my best […]Continue reading “The Unbearable Lightness of Being —”

How #SouthAsian #Americans Are Building a New #AmericanDream

Some second-generation South Asians grew up in less fortunate circumstances than Bazaz and Kondabolu. They were raised by parents who slaved away in physically demanding blue-collar jobs that more often than not were low paying. Notably many Indians from the state of Gujarat bought and ran budget motels. South Asians without money or advanced education washedContinue reading “How #SouthAsian #Americans Are Building a New #AmericanDream”

Post Aziz Ansari, 6 Tips for Safe Dating in 2018

A few of “Grace’s” comments reveal that she has been hurt (maybe in similar ways) by other men before. When I read “coercion,” I recalled a 23-year old woman (friend of a former roommate) who said: “I wasn’t really into it” and “I felt like I was coerced” after she got out of a short relationship withContinue reading “Post Aziz Ansari, 6 Tips for Safe Dating in 2018”

The DFW Desi, Vol. 200

reflections fromself… This is a landmark issue ofthe newsletter – startingwith a small personal list in2001, this labor of lovehas come a long way eightyears later – thanks to all ofour 18,000+ active readersfor their support andappreciation.However, as we moveforward, we need to seewhere we can use the latesttechnology to bring youwhat I think youContinue reading “The DFW Desi, Vol. 200”